The Open Network Infrastructure Association, is pursing important next steps in creating data about the physical world - with the capability to do this at scale now possible at a grassroots level and openly licensed.

We supported their first volunteer run event in February - Make Zurich - with platforms and guidelines, helping to ensure a high quality and innovative event for all participants. On day 2 we ran a workshop talking about data literacy and the resources available at School of Data:

In addition to putting together some sensors of our own, we wanted to collect aggregate data about the use of nodes at the hackathon by sharing device information from the community. @Oleg and @Heidi asked the teams at Make Zurich to share their applications on The Things Network.

This allowed us, in a safe way and without interfering with their projects, to plot the overall activity data from all devices - and make a rudimentary analysis at least only based on timestamps. The result looked like this:

Details and R code can be found here

Furthermore, we started a discussion about the potential of integrating Swagger-based APIs such as the ones used by The Things Network with Data Packages, which we were making at our previous workshop.

If you have any questions, let’s get in touch via contact form or public forum.