May Data!

Our next full-day event in Bern is about DISCOVERY, ANALYSIS & PERSUASION. We will introduce the principles by which the School of Data has helped thousands of people around the world to become data literate: to go beyond making decisions from charts and factoids, to discover and delight in worlds of information as we go beyond surface level.

When TBD
Where Bern, Switzerland
Level Beginner data user
Lang Deutsch / Français / English
Cost Pay-it-forward
Bring A laptop or tablet. Lunch provided.
Register now!
  • Englischkenntnisse sind in unserem Workshop von Vorteil, aber nicht zwingend. Materialen und Anweisungen sind auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.
  • De bonnes connaissances en anglais seraient un atout, non pas obligatoire. On peut fournir sur demande les liens et répondre sur place en français.

Our goal is to involve people with all skill levels at this event, whether you are a beginning student or seasoned professional, an information discovery guru, or just someone who likes to learn how to work with data for the first time. We will be working in groups and continue learning from each other. Registered and confirmed participants will be invited to colloquy with fellow participants and coaches.

Join us to explore information sources, check facts with our own meta-analysis, and communicate findings effectively - to wake up to a vivid world of open data. At this hands-on full-day event, we will:

  • 09:00 start with TAMING DATA DRAGONS, brief introductions, and sharing of core concepts and principles
  • 09:30 jump into FINDING RELEVANCE for exploring my world, my neighbourhood, my self in data
  • 10:30 learn to VISUALIZE OPEN DATA using free tools, and break the “Chart” button spell
  • 12:00 take a BROWN BAG LUNCH BREAK for story sharing, networking and nutrition
  • 13:00 freshen up with STATISTICAL ANALYSIS a brief primer in causation, correlation and fact-checking
  • 14:00 go hands on with BUILD-YOUR-OWN-DATA PROJECTS and get individualised help in your chosen area
  • 16:30 get FURTHER DIRECTIONS for deeper learning and connect to online communities of practice
  • 17:00 enjoy a KNIGHTS AT THE TABLE wrap up with anniversary^2 apéro offered by our hosts

This Data Expedition will be facilitated by:

  • Florin Hasler; RELEVANCE; COMMUNICATION; IMPACT; @florihas
  • Oleg Lavrovsky; CONCEPTS; STANDARDS; SOURCES; TOOLS; @loleg


We are committed to organising accessible public events to as wide an audience as possible. The School of Data in Switzerland is supported by the national association, and is run and facilitated by volunteers.

We suggest a donation of 200.- (students/AHV/IV: 50.-) to professionals who benefit from this workshop, and to offset some of the infrastructure costs required. Your support will pay for the next round, as prior participants have paved the way for this one.

Thank you for helping us to ensure high quality public events and open data literacy resources!


We are currently looking for a new date and time, since we were unable to fully book the May 5 workshop. There will still be a lunchtime meetup happening with the coaches, feel free to join. Please share your preference with us - and let us know if you would like to help recruit participants or contribute in any other way!


Please contact us in case of any questions. Sign up to our public forum or newsletter to be notified of upcoming Expeditions and other Events. Thanks for inviting your friends / colleagues!

define:colloquy - Latin colloquium, from colloqui to converse, from com- + loqui to speak