The School of Data Handbook advises us that “all [data] processing can be expressed as a set of incremental stages.” Work in each of these stages is facilitated by a variety of tools and methods, and every “data wrangler” will have their own favorites, furnished by experience, expertise, the day’s technology fashions, or personal preference. While Information Technology moves at a rapid pace - software tools being quickly replaced as the industry moves on - the fundamental steps and techniques relevant to Data Literacy remain universal.

With this in mind, we started an online toolbox based on the School of Data pipeline in a project to support a school class in Switzerland working on Open Government Data challenges. Our goal is to help beginners get started with a basic overview, demo and pointers to further resources - and keep track of mature, widely adopted open source data wrangling tools.

More background and our sources are on the overview page.

Image: toolbox by Arya wigunavadhana, CC0