This workshop has taken place. Thanks to all participants for your fantastic support in getting all the data together! The results of the hackdays are now available at hack.opendata.ch.


What:Find and clean data sets and make them available. Preparation for the Open Tourism Data Hackdays.
When:Thursday, October 19, 2017, 9:30 - 14:00
Where:Bern, Switzerland.
Cost:Free for registered participants.
Bring:A laptop or tablet. Lunch provided.
Register now! Suggest a dataset

This Data Expedition will begin with a workshop to:

  • brainstorm about what information helps us to gain insights into tourism
  • present suggested open data sets covering this type of information
  • learn to use data wrangling software from our Toolbox
  • collect, validate, clean and prepare data sets for the hackdays
  • publish the results online for others to use

We want to involve people with all kinds of skills at this event, whether you are familiar with the tourism industry, a data expert or just someone who would like to learn how to work with data. We will be working in groups and learn from experts and each other.

How to register

There is limited room on a first-come first-served basis at this free workshop! Use our contact form, or ♥ heart this post on our forum to participate. You will get a confirmation email from us with details.

Note: please register separately at tourism.opendata.ch if you also intend to join the Hackdays.

This Data Expedition will be facilitated by @Oleg and @Peter

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